Mouse Father Christmas


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Product information "Mouse Father Christmas"
Mouse Santa ClausThe mouse in the Father Christmas costume is approx. 9 cm tall. The manufacturer is unknown. The mouse is in a good condition.
Used condition: Minor signs of wear without the original box

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Maus Nikolaus

Hermann Mini Teddy blond 14 cm
Mini teddy by Hermann, Hirschaid, blond, 14 cm

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Steiff Teddy Mini Birth Boy
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Miniature suitcase
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Miniatur Gießkanne aus Blech
Miniatur Gießkanne aus Weißblech ihat eine Gesamthöhe von 9 cm. und eine Breite von 12,5 cm. 

Hermann Mini Teddy black
The little teddy comes from Teddy-Hermann, Hirschaid

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Reutter Miniature Bathroom Utensils
Reutter miniature bathroom utensils made of porcelain. (comb, mirror, 2 pots, 2 brushes)

Hermann cat mackerel
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Miniatur-Puppenstuben-Bild Katze 3 (Metallrahmen)
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Edge stool cat
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Cat brown 9 cm
The small, brown cat wears blue trousers and is approx. 9 cm tall. The maker is unknown. The miniature in a good condition.

Cat blue 7 cm
The little blue cat with the black trousers is approx. 7 cm tall. The manufacturer is unknown. The cat is in good condition.

Miniatur Keramikbild Katze
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Miniatur-Puppenstuben-Bild Katze 1 (Metallrahmen)
Miniatur-Puppenstuben-Metallbild Katze 1

Tucher & Walther Tin Cat
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Schaffer Katze
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Miniatur Porzellanteller Katze
Miniatur Teller Katzenkopf; Durchmesser 6,5 cm

Käthe Kruse Luckies Classic Cat
Käthe Kruse Luckies Classic Cat

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Model railroad

Model cars
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