Annette Himstedt magician Theodor


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Product information "Annette Himstedt magician Theodor"

The magician Theodor in everyday outfit is by Annette Himstedt.

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Annette Himstedt Zauberer Theodor

Annette Himstedt Natalie 2003
Annette Himstedt Natalie is a doll child from 2003 by Annette Himstedt. The limitation is 377 pieces. It is a doll girl from Europe and is 76 cm tall. Her reddish wig is semi hand-knotted from human hair and mohair. There are freckles on her face. The head was used twice (Becki).

€350.00* €442.00* (20.81% saved)
Annette Himstedt An Mei 1997
An Mei is an Annette Himstedt doll child 1997. An Mei is a little girl from Shanghai, China. It is limited to 1 year. She is 63 cm tall and has brown eyes. She is six years old and has long, straight, dark brown hair (human hair). She wears earrings. Her dress is made of silk. The doll is in its original condition and like new.

€420.00* €530.00* (20.75% saved)
Annette Himstedt Little Siri 2002
Annette Himstedt Club Gift 2002 Little Siri with Florentine Hat

Annette Himstedt Max 2002
Max is a doll child from 2002 by Annette Himstedt. On the occasion of the company's 13th anniversary, Max mit Klärchen were published. They were limited to 713. Max is 81 cm tall and has blue eyes. It is in mint original condition.

Annette Himstedt Kajali porcelain 1995
Kajali is a porcelain child from Africa from 1995 by the artist Annette Himstedt. Kajali was handcrafted in a limited edition. It's number: 29/80. It is in very good original condition.

Annette Himstedt Takumi 1995/96
Annette Himstedt doll child Takuma from 1995/96. He is a Cheyenne child and is 65 cm tall. It was produced in the anniversary year 1995/96 - 10 years of Annette Himstedt Puppen Kinder. The doll is in very good condition.

Annette Himstedt Sanfra 2000
Sanfra is a doll child from the year 2000 by Annette Himstedt. She is an 8 year old girl from Northern Italy. It is 86 cm tall and available for one year. She has amber eyes. Their long hair is reddish (human hair). Sanfra`s clothes correspond to the fashion of the 20s. They are in like new original condition.

Annette Himstedt Jette 2000
Jette is a Puppen child by Annette Himstedt from the year 2000. She represents a child from the year 1958. Jette is 2 years old and comes from Denmark. It was available for a year. She is 62 cm tall and has bright blue eyes. She has blonde, shoulder-length hair (human hair). Her dress is in 1950s fashion. The doll is in its original condition and like new.

Annette Himstedt Little Mirte 1999
Annette Himstedt Club gift Little Mirte 1999. Little Mirte is an original miniature of Mirte. She is about 22 cm tall.

Annette Himstedt Tinka 1997
Tinka is a doll child from East Frisia by the doll artist Annette Himstedt from 1997, limited to 1013 worldwide, 61 cm tall, human hair wig reddish brown curly. With certificate, original price 1850,- DM. The doll is in very good condition.

Annette Himstedt Georgi I 1999
Georgi I is a doll child from Australia made in 1999 by Annette Himstedt. She is 5 years old and was available for two years. She is a sitting doll and 70 cm tall. She has blue eyes. Georgi has dark blond, shoulder-length, straight hair (human hair). Her companion is a small dark brown teddy. She is in original condition and very well preserved.

€404.00* €505.00* (20% saved)
Annette Himstedt Little Lucy 2003
Annette Himstedt Club gift Little Lucy 2003, 25 cm small, 215 g, mohair hairs, toupee hand knotting, with freckles


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