Annette Himstedt Tara 1993/94


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Product information "Annette Himstedt Tara 1993/94"

Tara is a doll child from Germany from 1993/94 by Annette Himstedt. She has red-blonde hair (human hair), blue eyes and is wearing a white dress. It is in its original condition.

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Annette Himstedt Tara 1993/94

Annette Himstedt Little Ntathi 2005
Annette Himstedt Club gift 2005 Ntathi: Country/tribe: Kenya, Maasai, head: single; standing legs, human hair hand-knotted, size ca 33 cm, painted eyes, 

Annette Himstedt Original Dress Ayoka
Annette Himstedt: Original dress for doll child Ayoka, as new

Annette Himstedt Kajali porcelain 1995
Kajali is a porcelain child from Africa from 1995 by the artist Annette Himstedt. Kajali was handcrafted in a limited edition. It's number: 29/80. It is in very good original condition.

Annette Himstedt An Mei 1997
An Mei is an Annette Himstedt doll child 1997. An Mei is a little girl from Shanghai, China. It is limited to 1 year. She is 63 cm tall and has brown eyes. She is six years old and has long, straight, dark brown hair (human hair). She wears earrings. Her dress is made of silk. The doll is in its original condition and like new.

€420.00* €530.00* (20.75% saved)
Annette Himstedt Aura 1996
Aura is a dreamy girl from Spain by Annette Himstedt from 1996. The doll child is 61 cm tall and has brown eyes. She is about 8 years old. It is limited to 1013 pieces.

Annette Himstedt Iva 206
Iva is a doll child by Annette Himstedt from 2006. Iva is 83 cm tall and has mouth-blown eyes from Germany. Your head circumference is approx. 42 cm, the head is only given once. The mermaid has upper arm joints; the wig is made of human hair and is semi hand-knotted. The doll is in like new condition.

€609.00* €709.00* (14.1% saved)
Annette Himstedt Madina 1995/96
Madina is a doll child from Russia from 1995/96 by Annette Himstedt. She has long chestnut red hair (human hair) and blue eyes. She is wearing a black dress and a green apron. It is in its original condition and in good condition.

Annette Himstedt Lonneke 1998
Lonneke is an Annette Himstedt doll child from 1998. Lonneke is 5 years old. She is 61 cm tall and has gray-blue eyes. Her hair is medium golden blonde and made from human hair. and tied at the side with a taffeta bow of two long, plaited braids. She wears a white, flowered dress .. She is in top condition. The original price was 1080 DM.


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