Annette Himstedt Mumeka 2005


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Product information "Annette Himstedt Mumeka 2005"
Annette Himstedt Child 2005 Mumeka (World Meeting of Children) from Australia, limited edition 377, size 86 cm, head: single; head circumference: 43 cm; joints: upper arm joints, wig: human hair, hand-knotted; eyes: mouth-blown eyes from Germany; painting: authentic painting; accessories: hand-painted clothing; 
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Annette Himstedt Mumeka 2005

Annette Himstedt Small Dernea 2005
Annette Himstedt Small Dernea 2005, club gift 2005. country: USA - Apache, limitation: club year 2005, size: ca 33 cm, head: single, legs: standing and sitting, wig: Human hair, semi hand-knotted, Eyes: painted, Accessories: feather headdress, Clothing & boots: exclusive Himstedt desihn, leg-length suede boot held with ribbons, Fabrics & ribbons: exclusive goat verour leather.    

Annette Himstedt Little Mirte 1999
Annette Himstedt Club gift Little Mirte 1999. Little Mirte is an original miniature of Mirte. She is about 22 cm tall.

Annette Himstedt Tinka 1997
Tinka is a doll child from East Frisia by the doll artist Annette Himstedt from 1997, limited to 1013 worldwide, 61 cm tall, human hair wig reddish brown curly. With certificate, original price 1850,- DM. The doll is in very good condition.

Annette Himstedt Princess Moonstar 2001
Princess Moonstar from the Empire of the Moonstar Meadows is limited to 1013 models from 2001 by the artist Annette Himstedt. She is 63 cm tall and has blue eyes. She has open long light blond hair (human hair). On her head she wears a crown made of porcelain. 

Annette Himstedt Klärchen 2002
Klärchen a doll child from 2002 by Annette Himstedt. It was published together with Max on the occasion of the company's 13th anniversary. She is 80 cm tall and has blue eyes. Her light blonde hair is made from human hair. It is in mint original condition.

Annette Himstedt Ännchen 1990/91
Ännchen is a girl from Germany. Original Annette Himstedt doll from 1990/91. All the important dates are engraved on the back of her head: Annette Himstedt's symbol with the year of modeling, design in West Germany, the name of the doll. So that counterfeiting is ruled out, an engraving is made on all limbs. Blue glass eyes, ears put on, mouth closed.   Ännchen wears a white dress with gray dots and a headband in the same design. The hair is made of mohair.

Annette Himstedt 2006 Little Prince Namor
Annette Himstedt Club Gift 2006 Little Prince Namor: size: approx. 32 cm, head: single, head circumference: approx. 17 cm, accessories: hand-painted, gold-pearl natural shells on clothing, wig: Human hair toupee hand knotting and the loose hair braid has multi-coloured hair strands.

Annette Himstedt Anna I 1998/99
Anna I is a doll child by Annette Himstedt from 1998. She is 5 years old and comes from Germany. And was produced over a period of 2 years. She is 67 cm tall and has greenish-brown eyes. Anna I has golden blonde human hair that is braided into braids. She wears a red dress with scattered flowers. The new price was 940 DM.   With certificate and original clothing

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