Annette Himstedt Anila 1999


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Product information "Annette Himstedt Anila 1999"
Annette Himstedt Anila 1999

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Annette Himstedt Anila 1999

Annette Himstedt Little Mirte 1999
Annette Himstedt Club gift Little Mirte 1999. Little Mirte is an original miniature of Mirte. She is about 22 cm tall.

Annette Himstedt Georgi I 1999
Georgi I is a doll child from Australia made in 1999 by Annette Himstedt. She is 5 years old and was available for two years. She is a sitting doll and 70 cm tall. She has blue eyes. Georgi has dark blond, shoulder-length, straight hair (human hair). Her companion is a small dark brown teddy. She is in original condition and very well preserved.

€404.00* €505.00* (20% saved)
Annette Himstedt Mirte 1999
Mirte is a doll child from 1999 by Annette Himstedt. She is a girl from the USA. She is 7 years old and the 1999 club child. It was made for the duration of a club year. She is three feet tall and has green eyes. Her hair is red like copper (human hair). And creped. Mirte is in its original condition and in very good condition.

€556.00* €695.00* (20% saved)
Annette Himstedt Mia Yin 1999
Mia Yin is a doll child from China from 1999 by Annette Himstedt. It is limited to 1013 models worldwide. She is 8 years old and 68 cm tall. Her eyes are brown. She has long black hair (human hair). She carries a horse in her hands. It is in mint original condition.

€925.00* €1,025.00* (9.76% saved)
Annette Himstedt Üllwa 1999
Üllwa is a doll child by Annette Himstedt from 1999. She is a girl from Norway at the age of 4 years. Üllwa is approx. 62 cm tall and has blue eyes. She has blond human hair. It is as good as new.

€460.00* €560.00* (17.86% saved)
Annette Himstedt Anna I 1998/99
Anna I is a doll child by Annette Himstedt from 1998. She is 5 years old and comes from Germany. And was produced over a period of 2 years. She is 67 cm tall and has greenish-brown eyes. Anna I has golden blonde human hair that is braided into braids. She wears a red dress with scattered flowers. The new price was 940 DM.   With certificate and original clothing

€395.00* €495.00* (20.2% saved)

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